Motherblogs in Wordpress

A "motherblog":

  • Combines all of the blogs of your class or group,

  • Shows posts from all blogs on the motherblog, and

  • Enables the group members to comment on each other’s blogs.

To make a "motherblog"or class aggregation blog:

***These directions assume you have already created an account for yourself. If you have not, please go to and create an account.

  1. Log into the system at

  2. If you do not immediately go to your Dashboard, click on “My Sites” in the top left hand corner.  

  3. Click “Create a New Site”.

  4. Choose and type a “Site Name” and a “Site Title”.

  5. Decide your privacy settings for the blog by selecting “Yes” or “No”.

  6. Click “Create Site”.  Your new site is created. 

  7. Add participants:  Click the "Syndication" tab on the dashboard.
    1. This tab lets you configure the Feed WordPress plugin that will syndicate the blogs posts.

  8. Enter the URLs of all your participants' blogs into the “New Source” box in the top right corner.  You will need to decide how you want to enter your participant URLs.    
    1. One by One input: Simply copy and paste a URL into the box. 
    2. Multiple URL input: Click “add multiple” and copy and paste all of the participant URLs.

  9. Click “Add”. The plugin will scan the URL and report on available feeds.
    1. One by One input: Click “Use this feed” on the top result.


    2.  Multiple URL input: click “Subscribe to selected sources”.

  10. Once all sites are added, click the "Feeds and Updates" tab under “Syndication”.

  11. Under “Update Scheduling”, in the “Updates” drop down menu, select “automatically check for updates before pages load”.

  12. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you have done this, you will have a blog site that syndicates in all the individual participant blogs.
  • To comment on an individual blog post, click on the post's title.

Example motherblog: