Instructor's Checklist for Scholar Site Setup

The checklist includes informational links to Knowledge Base Articles which will walk you through, step by step, in setting up your site.

Upon completion of this checklist, your students will be able to see your Course Site and Gradebook.


  1. Prepare your Scholar Course sites for the semester.

    Two Choices for Starting your Scholar Course Site:

    1. Create the course site from scratch

    2. Import Tools and Materials

      1. Create the course site and import existing tools from a previous course at the same time.

      2. Import tools and materials into a site that already exists.

        NOTE: Important Information - Do not progress to step #2 without reading.

        NOTE: If you are unable to create a course, please see this article: Cannot Create a Scholar Site

  2. Add course documents to your Resources Tool.  For information on the Resources Tool, see the Resources Section in Scholar’s Inline Help

  3. Check the TimeTable in HokieSPA to make sure you are listed as the Instructor of Record.

    • If you not listed as the Instructor of Record in Banner for the course, you will not be able to import rosters. You will need to contact your Banner representative in your department to get listed as the Instructor of Record.
    • If you were just added, it could take up to 72 hours for you to be able to add the roster.

  4. Import the course rosters
  5. Add your TAs and assign them to a section - grant access and permissions to Gradebook Tool and Assignments Tool via Scholar's Section Info Tool.

    1. Adding TA to course.
    2. Add Section Info Tool to course - Adding or Removing Course Site Tool Buttons in a Scholar Course.
    3. Assigning TA to section using Section Info Tool.

  6. Set up your Gradebook or see Exporting your previous Gradebook to a new Scholar Site.

    1. Determine Gradebook Settings: In the Gradebook Menu, choose Edit then Gradebook Settings (for Screenshots, see: Gradebook Setup).
      1. Decide how you want to organize your gradebook.
        1. No Categories: All of the items in your gradebook will be in a list.
        2. Categories: The items in your gradebook can be organized into categories you create. Ex: Tests, Homework, etc.
        3. Weighted Categories: The items in your gradebook can be organized into categories. Each category will be worth a percentage of the entire grade equaling up to 100%.
      2. Decide if you want grades to be Points, Percentages, or Letter Grades.

    2. Add Gradebook parts.
      1. Gradebook Setup with Screenshots.

    3. Test Gradebook Settings.
      1. How do I make Gradebook items viewable to the students?
      2. Making Individual Item Grades Show in the Scholar Gradebook but Not the Overall Grade Calculation or Average
      3. What do the colors and fonts mean in the Gradebook?
      4. How do I see what students see in the Gradebook?
        1. In the left menu column, click the Gradebook button.
        2. In the right pane of Gradebook, click on a student.
        3. In the Student Summary pane, select the "View as Student" tab.

  7. Make sure course is published.

  8. Create a guest student account to view your courses as a student.