FAQ: Accessing SPOT Evaluations


How do students know when surveys are open, and how do they access them?


Students will receive an email when their SPOT evaluations open. They will be asked to login to the SPOT system and complete a questionnaire for each of their classes. Most of the time, students will access the system through a URL sent in the emails. However, students can also login directly to https://spot.tlos.vt.edu using their PID and password. The email is simply a prompt and unnecessary in order for students to provide feedback. Upon logging in, students will see a list of all surveys to take for each course. Students will receive email reminders*, regardless of how many courses they are taking, until the questionnaires are completed or the closing date is reached.

* Email Reminders are send in the Fall and Spring terms every 3 days until all questionnaires are complete. In Summer, reminders are sent every other day. In Winter, reminders are sent each day since surveys are only open for a 3 day period.

NOTE: Please communicate this information to the students. Let them know the timing and what to expect. Instructors' reinforcement of the importance and use of SPOT is critical in getting useful feedback.

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