FAQ: Accessing SPOT Evaluation Reports


How do I access SPOT evaluation results/reports?

I clicked on the link to spot.tlos.vt.edu in an email to access my SPOT Evaluation results, and it did not work.


NOTE: Reports on the SPOT Evaluation Site (https://spot.tlos.vt.edu) are only available for a limited time (about 14 days for fall and spring, 7 days for summer sessions) shortly after grades are due each term. After the 14 or 7 day window closes, reports are only available in Scholar; see below for instructions to access reports.

Shortly after grades are submitted each term, instructors will receive an email indicating that they may download SPOT results for the sections they teach. Instructor reports are available two ways:

Basic Instructor Reports:

Basic reports (one per course section in PDF and CSV formats) will appear in your Scholar workspace and remain there indefinitely (unless you actively delete them). (Also See: film brief instructional video)

  1. Log into Scholar (https://scholar.vt.edu/portal) using your PID.
  2. Go to My Workspace.
  3. Go to Resources.
  4. Go to the folder called SPOT Results, and then find the folder for the appropriate semester.
  5. Within this folder, there will be a .pdf file and a .csv file for each CRN. These files can be downloaded and saved on your computer; however, we recommend that you DO NOT delete the versions that have been placed in Scholar.

Customizable Instructor Reports:

Customizable reports can be aggregated and saved in multiple formats and will be available for a limited time after results become available for each term (about 14 days for fall and spring, 7 days for summer sessions). (Also See: film brief instructional video)

  1. Log into the SPOT Evaluation Site (https://spot.tlos.vt.edu) using your PID.
  2. Click on View Report.
  3. If you have results from multiple course sections, select the section/report that you wish to view. You may also select two or more sections to view aggregated results.
  4. Options for downloading are near the top of the report screen. To print the report, it is recommended that you use "Export PDF" and then print the PDF file.
  5. Alternatively, to print the report while viewing it on screen, right-click on the results and print.

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