FAQ: How can I collect end-of-term student feedback if my class is not included in the SPOT process?

How can I collect end-of-term student feedback if my class is not included in the SPOT process?


The centralized SPOT process may be inappropriate for some classes - for example, classes taught by graduate students who are not instructors of record, classes that run on non-standard schedules, and classes that have four or more instructors. If your class is not included in the SPOT process you can still collect student feedback with paper forms or online survey tools (details below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: These options provide greater flexibility than the centralized SPOT process, but require instructors to devote additional time and effort to the process of data collection and storage. Results will not be stored in the university’s course evaluation data warehouse, rather they must be saved by the individual instructor.


  1. Download a modifiable version of the University’s standard SPOT form. Add items that your college or department requires and any items that you personally would like to include.
  2. Acquire the standard opscan forms from your department office. Most department offices keep stocks of these forms, which are purchased from Printing Services. (Information about purchasing opscan forms)
  3. Distribute paper SPOT forms and opscan forms in class and inform students whether or not the results will be anonymous. If anonymity is promised, the entire data collection and reporting process must be organized so that the instructor will not be able to link results to individual students.
  4. Score completed opscan forms using one of the DataLink scanners in your department or college. (List of scanner locations) Directions and additional information about the scanners is available on the DataLink website.


The basic steps are listed below. (See Using Qualtrics to collect student feedback for detailed instructions)
  1. Setup a template with questions to be asked and import that template into Qualtrics
  2. Setup a panel of survey respondents using class rosters (from Banner or Scholar)
  3. Configure Qualtrics settings for the survey
  4. Send out survey and collect results
  5. Analyze results and distribute to individual instructors