FAQ: Department Staff Access to Instructor's Version of SPOT Evaluation Reports

Is it possible for department staff to have access to the SPOT evaluation reports available to instructors on Scholar?


Much work has been done recently to create a report in the Data Warehouse that matches, as closely as possible, the reports instructors are provided. If you haven't tried this report recently, please try again as it has been greatly improved.

To access this report run the Data Warehouse report: "SPOT Report: Instructor Results-Scholar" or for a more summarized view run: "SPOT Report: Instructor Result".

These results can be compared to the reports provided to instructors by comparing the Data Warehouse report to this Example SPOT Instructor Report which is provided to each instructor.

There is no good way for us to share all of the actual PDF reports (provided to instructors) easily with departmental contacts. Most of the complexity is around how we secure the data, and we do not have a facility within the SPOT system to do this. Because the way most faculty get these reports is through Scholar proper, department staff cannot get to each instructor's Scholar workspace due to security reasons. In order to try to make this simpler for everyone, we created a single report in the Data Warehouse which is meant to provide the same exact data. If you need assistance getting access to Data Warehouse reports, see the link below.

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