FAQ: SPOT Class Evaluation is Not Running



As a rule, all courses at VT (beyond those opted-out) should run. The opt-out process for the SPOT system involves a relatively complex set of rules. Keep in mind in the fall and spring semesters we deal with over 4500 course sections that need SPOT surveys run, so the process must be automated. Departments have a key role in the process by controlling the basic data setup. This setup is done using Banner and involves the teaching load (for fall and spring) and the timetable (during the summer).

There are several possibilities as to why the course did or will not run in SPOT:

The instructor should contact his or her department scheduler (the person who does Banner teaching load work) to discuss and figure out how to prevent the course from being opted out of SPOT Evaluations in future semesters. This person can see teaching load (and the Banner report SYRVSPOT) and can verify that one of the listed causes is the problem.

The instructor should also talk to his or her department as using paper evaluations or Qualtrics is an option.