FAQ: Finding Evaluation Data


Where do I find old evaluation data from courses I've taught?


Evaluation data is located different places depending on several factors (semester, systems used, your college/department).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will do our best to retrieve any and all archived data you request. From experience, roughly 95% of the time we are able to find data from courses. However, we cannot guarantee your data is in our archives. It is quite possible that data was never collected for your course, if we cannot locate it. We suggest you also check with your department to see if they have the data, which oftentimes is in paper format since printed reports were generally provided to departments each semester.

Evaluation Systems Timeline

Below is a timeline explaining where to find evaluation data:

Evaluation Systems Chart

Semester Possible Data Location Notes How to Access Data
Fall 2002-Summer 2011

Paper Forms (digitized and archived)

  Contact 4Help
Fall 2002-Fall 2011 IDDL Survey System Distance learning courses only Contact IDDL
Fall 2006-Fall 2011 Legacy Online Evaluation System   Contact 4Help
Spring 2010 SPOT subset of CNRE courses only Contact 4Help
Fall 2010 SPOT all CNRE only Contact 4Help
Spring 2011 SPOT CNRE, COE only Contact 4Help or Warehouse
Summer 2011
(No SPOT data collected)
Fall 2011 SPOT CALS, CAUS, CNRE, COE, COS only

In Scholar or Warehouse

Spring & Summer 2012 SPOT all colleges In Scholar or Warehouse
Fall 2012-Present SPOT all colleges + VetMed (BMVS only) In Scholar or Warehouse
Spring 2013-Present Pamplin Supplemental SPOT Survey System   Contact Pamplin IT Support

NOTE: How to Request Past Evaluation Data
  1. To request past evaluation data for courses you have taught, copy/paste the following text:
    • Semester/Year:
    • Department:
    • CRN(s):
    • Instructor PID:
  2. This necessary information should be provided in the "Problem" description in the 4Help form.

Evaluation Systems Information

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