FAQ: Manually Excluding a Course in SPOT

How do I manually exclude a course in SPOT?


The following types of courses will automatically be excluded: 5904 and 6904 (i.e., graduate project and report), X944 (seminars), X964 (field study), X974 (independent study), and X994 (undergraduate research). Other courses may be excluded on a case-by-case basis using the process described below.

The decision to exclude a course should be determined at the level of the dean or associate dean of the college. Courses that are excluded from the SPOT system should use an alternative method for collecting anoymous student feedback. For example, paper-and-pencil-based questionnaires or the Tests & Quizzes tool in Scholar may be used to gather similar feedback.

  1. In Banner, go to the SZATLUP form.
  2. In the data block after the Key Block, a new field has been added called, "Course Evaluation Attribute." Use the pull-down list in this field to indicate why the course section is being excluded. The options on this list are:
    • "Non-standard calendar"
    • "Instructors rotate mid-term"
    • "Team of instructors too large"
    • "Non-credit course"
    • "Not instructor-led"
    • "Project, research, seminar, study"
    • "Other"
  3. Repeat this process for each course section you would like to exclude.