FAQ: SPOT Course Evaluation Reminder Emails


How do I stop getting SPOT course evaluation reminder emails?


As soon as a student completes and submits all evaluations for his/her courses, the reminder emails stop. There is not a way to unsubscribe from the reminder emails, since it's extremely important that course evaluations are filled out. The reason reminder emails are sent every day is to ensure high response rate.

In previous semesters, students have gotten a email for each class with a link to take the evaluation for that class every other day. Many students were getting 5-6 emails every other day. We have been able to provide one link with access to all your evaluations and consolidate the emails to one email each day until a student has completed all his/her evaluations. The correlation between reminder emails and response rates is very strong as response rates spike on the days reminders were sent out in the past.

If you would like to submit evaluations at the end of the time period for evaluations and don't want the reminder emails, the solution is to create a filter on your email client to move SPOT course evaluation reminder emails to a folder automatically so they are not in your inbox.