FAQ: Using "SYRVSPOT" Reports to Verify Course and Instructor Data

What is "SYRVSPOT" and how is it used?


The "SYRVSPOT" report in Banner indicates which courses and instructors are set to run (or not run) in the SPOT system. This report is used to verify the course and instructor data in Banner to determine if any changes need to be made for purposes of the SPOT system.


Generating the SYRVSPOT report in Banner

  1. In Banner, go to the SYRVSPOT form.
  2. Click in the first text box under the Values column. Enter the desired term code.
  3. Click Submit in the lower right corner. Click on it even if the radio button is already selected.
  4. Click the Save icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Wait for Banner to email you a link to the report. This may take several minutes.
  6. Click on the link provided in the email to go to the Report Distribution System.
  7. Login using your PID and password.
  8. Choose to View the Extract file. You can open the file directly or save it on your computer prior to opening it.
  9. Open the report in Excel.

Interpreting the SYRVSPOT Report

  1. After opening the report in Excel, widen the columns so you can see all of the content (TIP: Hit Ctrl + A to select all, and then from the Home ribbon, select Format > AutoFit Column Width).
  2. Each row in this report represents on CRN/instructor. If there is one instructor teaching a section, the CRN/instructor will be listed once. If there is more than one instructor teaching a section, the CRN will be listed multiple times and each instructor will be listed on a separate row.
  3. All columns other than the last one provide the information needed to uniquely identify instructors and class sections.
  4. Give special attention to the last column in the spreadsheet. It is called "OPT_OUT_REASON." An empty cell in this column indicates a CRN/instructor that will be included in the SPOT system. A cell with text indicates a CRN/instructor that will be excluded from SPOT.
  5. Possible opt-out reasons are listed below. These reasons can be set automatically by the SPOT system rules, or manually in Banner (see below for directions on how to change these settings).
    • Course not available in SPOT -- the class has been canceled, or has an enrollment of zero; if the class is variable credit, it may be that no students have been assigned to the instructor.
    • Non-standard calendar -- the class is offered outside of normal academic terms.
    • Instructors rotate mid-term -- different instructors teach at different times during the term.
    • Team of instructors too large -- a large number of instructors, typically more than four, would make the SPOT survey too long.
    • Non-credit course -- a not-for-credit educational experience.
    • Not instructor-led -- the class does not have a valid instructor associated with it.
    • Project, Research, Seminar, Study -- the structure of the educational experience makes it inappropriate to evaluate it using the SPOT form.
    • Other -- this option is used when a class is manually excluded and none of the above reasons for exclusion apply.