FAQ: Wrong Course Evaluation


Why am I getting course evaluations for courses I'm not in, and what do I do about it?


Potential Causes:

There are a couple of reasons why a student might receive course evaluations for a course you are not in. Mid-semester the rosters are pulled to determine who is enrolled in which courses. If a student is enrolled in a course as of that point, then even if they later drop the class, they will still receive a request to fill out an evaluation on the course. If that is not the case, it could be an error, but either way, once the evaluations are sent out there is nothing that can be changed in the system to resolve the situation.

Two Solutions:

1. To stop the reminder emails, open the evaluation and leave everything blank and click submit at the bottom and submit a blank evaluation (make sure not to click any of the radio buttons on the evaluation).

2. The other option is, after you have completed the rest of your SPOT course evaluations, to delete the reminder emails.