Sending, Receiving, and Reading Email Using Email Archive

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Sending email messages

You can send email to your site's participants from your email account with your preferred email client (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mac OS X Mail, or Thunderbird). All email messages will be stored in the Email Archive and visible to all participants. To view your site's email address, in the menubar, click Email Archive.

To send email to every member of your course or project site:

  1. Click Email Archive in the relevent course site menubar.

    Note: If you do not see Email Archive, the site leader (or someone with the proper permissions) must add it to the site.

  2. On the Email Archive screen, under Email sent to the following addresses will be archived and sent to participants, you'll see the site email address. Above it, you will see a message telling you if you are authorized to send email. If this site is set up to accept mail only from site participants (see Customizing an Email Archive), you will also see the address from which you are authorized to send email; use this account to send messages to the site address. Messages will go to all participants in your course or project site, and will be archived online in the Email Archive.

Note: You cannot use Email Archive to send mail to particular individuals. Mail sent to your site's email address is received by all site participants. To send messages to individual participants, use the Messages tool.

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Receiving email messages

Email Archive messages are sent to the email address listed under Account in the My Workspace area. You do not need to log into the application to read your mail. However, if you do not wish to receive mail from the site, or if you would rather receive mail in a daily digest format, you can change your notification preferences from My Workspace. For instructions, see Changing notification preferences.

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Reading messages in the Email Archive

Email messages sent through the Email Archive address are sent to the authorized email addresses of all site members, but you can also read past email messages in your site's Email Archive tool:

  1. Click Email Archive from the relelvant course site menubar.
  2. To navigate through pages of messages, use the arrows above the Date Received column header.
    • Click > to go to the next page, and < to go to the previous page.
    • Click |< to go to the first page of messages, and >| to go to the last pages of messages.
    • You can also search the archive using the Search box and button.

  3. When you locate the message you want to read, click its highlighted subject line to read it.
    • The Next Email and Previous Email buttons allow you to move from message to message.
    • Click View Headers to see the full headers, and Hide Headers to hide them.

  4. While viewing a message, you can remove it from the archive (if you have sufficient permissions) by clicking Delete.
  5. Click Remove to complete the deletion, or click Cancel to return to the message without deleting it.

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